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College Park Progress

It seems like it’s been years in the making, and in reality it has been, but the College Park progress is now starting to come together with the early elements in place. The public park amongst The Residences of College Park, The Liberties and Aura has been a waste-land of sorts until serious construction began […]

Landlords and Tenants in Ontario

The CBC posted an interesting article the other day regarding the state of frustration some landlords in Ontario are in right now with regards to the lack of “bite” in the Residential Tenancies Act. Many landlords are being vocal about their displeasure with how the system works and the length of time it takes to […]

Tips For Tenants – Before Making an Offer

You’ve decided you want to move and rent a new place in a condo downtown. So now what? What do you need to be prepared to do, and what documents do you need to have in order? I’d hazard a guess that I’ve been involved in close to 100 rentals as of today’s date as […]